How to select the right place to get ready on your wedding day.

Is it important? Short answer …. hells yes!


There are a few key things to think about when booking where you are getting ready with your tribe on the morning of your wedding.

1. Location. When working out which package you book your Photographer and Videographer for you need to factor in their travel between where you are getting ready and the venue. Planning this carefully can save you money and or increase the amount of time you have for relaxed pics!

2. Amenities and Space. Be conscious of the size of your bridal party and what you need to be achieved while you are there. Hair and Makeup stations need power, good lighting and seating. A room with a kitchenette and lounge-room is great too so you can have separate areas for relaxing and eating. Not everyone will be being worked on at the same time so you want to ensure everyone is comfortable and not on top of each other.

3. Light, Space and a neat friend on hand! Not only is it important to ensure you have space for everyone and everything you will need for the day, you also need one room to be kept nice and clean for pics!! A space with good light and big windows will help your photographer immensely. Pick an apartment or space that suits the style of your wedding so your images flow beautifully and you feel as wonderful getting ready as you do the rest of your day.

mirror mirror

4. A few additional tips - remember to have good food and drinks organised - it is going to be a long day. Try to limit mess whilst getting ready - so many friends getting ready in one space can mean stuff everywhere! You really do not want to be dealing with anything missing on the day!! Have one person in charge of collecting everything you will need to bring with you (write a list). Organise an extended checkout so you can ensure everything is remembered the next day and no one is rushing with a sore head!


Why we love Quest Albury on Townsend. Their amazing team has looked after loads of our couples and all of their guests too. Rooms are spacious and clean, bright and airy. Windows are large and draped in dreamy sheer curtains that add a fabulous romantic and modern touch to pictures. The rooms are furnished in modern tones that compliment the getting ready photography.


Big love and thanks to Andrea Sissons Photography for these beautiful pics of our recent collaboration. The amazing Quest Albury on Townsend a preferred supplier of Forethought for accommodation for couples, guests and bridal parties. Gorgeous gowns from our lovely Jillian Franklin Couture. Hair from talented Erin from Betty Boo for Hair, makeup from fab Fashion Fingers, accessories from our friend Alison from Pollen and Plume. Beige Napkin from gorgeous Bang Event Co. Love to our beautiful model and bride to be Olivia Aughton (earrings and hair-clips models own). x Sam